When was the last time you enjoyed PEACE, LOVE, and JOY?
When did you last feel absolutely PRESENT in the NOW,
devoid of any worries of what you need to do in the next hour?

In our zest to be responsible partner, parent, child – be the adult that we ‘should’ be, we operate from our ego-mind. The thing with the ego-mind is that its job is to keep us safe, this is where our ancestors activated the fight or flight living a life where they had to hunt for food, protect themselves from dangerous four-legged species. In this millennia world, we live in a comfortable home, have a job that pays for our expensive holidays and lush warm food, most of us own on an average at least one transport that takes us to our desired destination. Our ego-mind is no longer functioning fight or flight on a daily basis anymore. But we are so used to living in ‘fear’ that it now runs on autopilot mode.

You lose your connection with your soul, your true essence. You forget the Universal truth – you are a soul having a human experience on earth. The disconnection with our soul creates disharmony within ourselves manifesting in our lives – relationships, job, experiences. We begin to form negative low vibrational fear-based beliefs about ourselves controlling every action we take and the decisions we make.

If I express my feelings, he might leave me !
What if I don’t get this right?
I can’t do this , it’s too risky!
I can’t complain to HR, if my boss finds out, I lose my job!

We’ve all said and heard these fear-based beliefs at some point in our lives. It’s our ego telling us, not to step out of our comfort zone, trying to keep us safe, from what it perceives to be ‘dangerous ‘ thereby instilling fear within us. Now, what happens when you choose to live a life in fear of losing your loved ones, your job, materialistic accolades, health, etc? What happens next?

Anger, frustration, hatred, jealousy, depression, addiction, loneliness, lack of trust and faith in all. We disassociate from who we truly are and what our souls want to experience, our purpose, our dharma.

Soul Alignment is a transformational healing process that helps us re-remember our true essence. It transforms energy blockages that have become patterns of disharmony within the soul, releasing the low vibrational beliefs that were keeping you stuck thereby empowering you to lead the life you truly deserve.


– First consultation is usually 2 hours where we discuss and outline current life patterns, comcerns, health issues and family history.

-Together we plan the preferred healing modality Unity Experiential Healing / and or Intuitive Coaching and the number of sessions. This is subject to change depending on the progress and if any new underlying issues present itself that weren’t identified or discussed earlier.

-Each session thereafter lasts 1 hour 15 minutes.

– Clients are given weekly tasks to action

( Journal, meditation, mood observation etc)

-Progress in comparison to the Original plan is monitored and discussed in each session. The plan is subject to change.

‘’Your journey does not end when you leave this human experience, your soul continues its beautiful journey into the next lifetime or chooses to stay in the soul kingdom - our Soul is Eternal.”


Brings clarity to your life emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually and connects you to your soul, increasing your intuition and letting your spiritual voice guide you.
Empowers you to recognize the difference between ego/ mind chatter vs. soul’s guidance. You now make conscious choices and decisions leading to a happier, content and a fulfilled life and relationships.
Opens your heart to love and forgiveness, releasing all that no longer serves you. It brings you the freedom to accept who you truly are devoid of self-judgment.
It reawakens dormant parts of yourself, re-remembering who you truly are. You understand soul contracts and find gifts in the not so good experiences thus bringing love and grace in your life and those around you.
A healthy emotional body is a healthy physical body. Physical illness is a manifestation of emotional chaos. By clearing out the negative low vibrations, blocked energy, you clear all your chakras, allowing them to reach their highest potential.
Life will never be the same. It is a path of healing that is committed to being fully awake, empowering you to walk courageously through life’s challenges, this time choosing love over fear.

For any questions , feel free to contact me for a free 20 minute consultation