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Intuitive Coaching

As an intuitive coach I work with the energy you project to resolve your deepest issues. My intuition will sense your emotional and energy blockages, helping you identify the root cause of the source of your pain.
I will assist you by guiding you through the process of introducing new habits, thoughts, and beliefs that support the life you want to live. By healing these issues and altering your consciousness, you can open yourself up to love and the abundance of opportunities that life has to offer.

1 hour and 15 minutes
Investment £55

Unity Experiental Healing

UEH works on your dense low vibrational beliefs that governs your actions and decisions , keeping you small and stopping you from living the life you truly deserve. It aims to take you to the point of creation when these beliefs were first formed, eleasing those beliefs and replacing them with positive positive new beliefs. Sometimes this process can be very slow and take months or years of work and sometimes healing can happen very quickly.

Consciously participating in our own healing process can change our life.

1 hour and 15 minutes
Investment £55

First Consultation & Healing

Outline current life patterns, comcerns, health issues and family history.
Together we plan the preferred healing modality Unity Experiential Healing / and or Intuitive Coaching and the number of sessions. This is subject to change depending on the progress and if any new underlying issues present itself that weren’t identified or discussed earlier.

2 hour
Investment £65

Soul Searching Package

Energy healing is when we consciously decide to participate in our own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing process.

Highly recommended for those suffering from deep traumatic experiences stemming from violence, death or loss of a loved one, physical illness or deep sadness.

Recommended for those experiencing stagnation in all or most areas of their life.

You will be held in a safe, loving and non-judgemental environment where you can release your low negative vibrational beliefs from your current/ past life or even healing your ancestral timeline.

5 hours | 4 Sessions
Investment £180

Double Package

The package includes 2 sessions, each session lasting for 75 minutes.
Session can take place once a week or once a fortnight, as per your choice.

You can choose to do a combination of UEH & Intuitive Coaching as well.

2 hours and 30 minutes | 2 sessions
Investment £90

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